filmmaker. photographer. talker.


Oh, hey. I’m Brent Coble. I make stuff and talk too much.

I am a producer, director, photographer and driven content creator with over a decade of experience in video production with the majority of my work in new media. 
My passion is in storytelling and entertaining through visual mediums- whether that is video, photography, graphic design, 360° video, social media, or live performance. 

(it's also important to understand my unwavering love of genre and horror content. let's get coffee and talk about scary movies.)


This is a photo of me and Stan Lee. It's not incredibly pertinent, but it happened, and this is my website.


I have spent the last four years with the team at YouTube Space LA in Playa Vista, CA- where I was quickly
promoted from Video Production Specialist to Senior Producer. In that role, I managed creative development and production execution on over 400 pieces of original content, ranging from hosting interviews with high profile talent and artists, integrated marketing campaigns, to producing and directing short films. 

I have a strong understanding and mastery of the online video ecosystem and community-  as well as the ability to collaborate with high-performing teams ranging from ideation all the way through post-production and delivery. I thrive in fast-paced environments, where problem solving is the key to success.


Thanks for being here, weird you would read this much, might as well keep clicking around...


I love to make stuff with awesome people.

Sound like you? Let's make stuff!

Want to work together? me too. 

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