Directing is mostly pointing. You always tell your story, inspire great performance, give characters satisfying arcs, delight the audience, and make the day… but most of the time, you’re pointing.


Hey— I’m Brent Coble. I love making stuff.

“Dynamic and creative storyteller, film and video director.”

“Bridges the gap between traditional and digital workflows, production strategies and best practices.”

“Creative development executive with a proven track record of building brand value, managing high performing teams, leading productions, and expanding viewership through consistent, high-quality programming.”

These are just a few of the glowing descriptions of myself… that I wrote on my LinkedIn. There’s also this bit:

Brent Coble currently serves as the Director, Production and Development for newly formed Viacom Digital Studios at Nickelodeon. In this role, Brent leads digital content strategy, development, and production across Nickelodeon’s platforms.

(Side note: It's also important now for you to understand my unwavering love of genre content and horror movies. let's get coffee and talk about scary stuff.)


This is a photo of me and Stan Lee. It's not incredibly pertinent, but it happened, and this is my website.


Thanks for being here, weird you would read this much, might as well keep clicking around... Aside from Directing, I also love photography so there’s a bit of that here, along with— well I guess anything i want, really.


I love to make stuff with awesome people.

Sound like you? Let's make stuff!

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